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Special interests


Trauma can be a result of an unexpected or critical incident, in any form or intensity. One person's trauma could in no way reflect another's - and that is what makes this so deeply personal. Trauma debriefing and counselling is a critical part of navigating through your life. 

Identity development

Identity development takes place throughout your lifespan. In each 'season' of our lives we have different identity aspects to develop. If this is not successful, the discomfort can become crippling. 

LGBQ interests

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Queer - sexual orientation is a big interest for me as it ties in uniquely with identity development. Through my interest in the LGBQ realm, I embark on individualised journeys with my clients in their self-discovery.

Stress and anxiety

We all experience stress and anxiety. When it reaches the extent that makes normal day-to-day functioning difficult, it is not considered healthy. There are many techniques that can help you improve your experience with- and resilience to stressors and consequent anxiety. 

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