Counselling services

Individual sessions

Nothing can replace the benefit of real human interaction. It is invaluable to find yourself in a safe, non-judgmental space. 

Trained in various modalities, I assist you in your journey of self-discovery, challenge and acceptance.

Group sessions

Group sessions often take the form of trauma debriefings or mediation sessions. This form of counselling can be valuable for families, friends or for small groups of colleagues. The goal is to create a space for open communication and mutual respect. Group sessions are limited to 6 people.


Couples' sessions

Couples' counselling is not only for romantic relationships that are in distress. Couples who attend regular counselling are successful, compatible and display incredible resilience in difficult times.


Mediation counselling

There are many types of relationships: friendships, family and professional. Counselling serves as mediation when certain struggles are experienced. The aim is to provide a safe and comfortable space to find a collaborative approach. 


Counselling services