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Counselling services

Children (younger than 12)

Children are naturally drawn to play. With the use of play therapy, children can be aided in learning how to express their emotions and experience healthy development and growth. While learning to be autonomous, this can be a foundational part of their development.



Teenagers often feel misunderstood and have difficulty navigating the confusing time between no longer being a child but also not being an adult yet. A judgement-free process that will allow them to weave through the confusion to form a clear and confident identity can be a wonderful gift.


Young adults and students

Young adults ranging from their 20s to mid-30s sometimes experience pressure to perform and succeed. Instant gratification and the stress that comes with making their own name in the world can be debilitating. Having a safe and empowering space to process the fear and uncertainty will allow for a stable foundation and springboard for adulthood. 



So. Much. Change.


Adulting often feels like an endless to-do list consisting of career, relationship and parenting responsibilities. It is often difficult to have a balanced day where all aspects of our lives feel well-cared for. Feeling overwhelmed with all the roles we have to play is normal, BUT it does not have to be crippling. Sharing your thoughts and feelings in a neutral and inviting space allows you to be more productive, less emotional, better time-management and experiencing a definite boost in motivation. 

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