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Book a tailored workshop for your company or school. Client organisations highlight their context and needs for individualised workshop delivery. 

Suggested course of action involves an initial meeting to discuss the specific requirements for your company or school, followed by a confirmation of details for hosting the workshop.

For more information on various workshops on offer, course layout and to book the initial contact session, kindly enquire via email below. 

Psychometric testing is a valuable resource available to corporates for the initial or ongoing assessments of their staff complement. These assessments give employees insight on their own personality profiles, aptitudes, intelligence, interests and values assessments. 

An initial intake session of one hour will be followed by a battery of assessments to be conducted for approximately 3 hours. Once processed, individual employee feedback sessions will be conducted within 14 days to discuss the results. Each participant's results may inform areas for improvement, raise productivity and increase work ethic within their role. 

Career assessments are also available for Grade 11 and 12 learners who wish to gain a better understanding of their abilities and interests to help inform their applications to universities or colleges. 

Psychometric testing will be available from May 2021.

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